Parrot Heads of New Mexico




1.This organization will be called the Parrot Heads of New Mexico. (Hereinafter PHNM or the Club).
2.No person or group may enter into activities in which the name of the Club or the PHNM logo is used or associated without prior approval of the Board of Directors.

1.PHNM is a member of the national Jimmy Buffett fan club, Parrot Heads in Paradise (hereinafter called PHIP) and cannot exist without sanction from PHIP. Any bylaws established in this document are superseded by the Bylaws of PHIP.
2.PHNM exists for the purpose of furthering the following goals:
1.Share the spirit of Jimmy Buffett's music, books, and movies.
2.Serve as ambassadors to the community in the good name of Jimmy Buffett.
3.Support community and environmental causes in the name of Jimmy Buffett.

1.Membership in the PHNM shall be open to anyone who exhibits an interest in Jimmy Buffett’s music and is willing to support the club in achieving its goals.
2.A member is considered to be in good standing so long as his dues are current.
3.Dues are a requirement for membership to PHNM
1.The Member shall pay dues annually in January of each year.
2.The amount of annual dues will be determined by a majority vote of the Board of Directors based on financial reports from the Treasurer and projected expenses.
3.Any person who has not paid dues by February 1 will be considered a past member and all PHNM benefits will be terminated until dues are paid in full.
4.Dues can be waived on a case-by-case basis if the board determines that an individual is sufficiently disadvantaged and that membership is warranted by the individual’s proven devotion to PHNM goals. Individual cases should be reviewed annually, prior to February 1.
5.New members joining when less that six months remaining in the membership year will be allowed a 50% reduction of dues. This contingency is restricted to members that have not been on the membership roster for at least 18 months and does not apply to existing members who did not pay their dues on time.
1.Any member may be terminated for just cause, as determined by a vote of two-thirds of the Board.
2.All items in the terminated member’s possession belonging to the PHNM will be returned to the Club.
3.All Parrot Points accumulated by the member will be forfeited.

1.The Board of Directors
1.PHNM will be managed and operated by the Board. The Board is responsible for insuring all club activities are conducted within the guidelines set by Parrot Heads in Paradise Inc.
2.The Board is composed of five individuals. Four positions are elected and one is by default. Composition of the Board of Directors is as follows: President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, and previous President. If the previous President is unavailable, the duty falls to a member-at-large as appointed by the Board.
3.To be eligible for an office on the Board, a member must be in good standing and must have been a member for a minimum of six (6) months.
4.No two members on the board shall be related or reside in the same household as each other.
5.The Board will meet at semi-annually. Additional meetings will be convened as necessary.
6.For any meeting, the quorum shall consist of three (3) of five (5) members of the Board.
7.All members of the Board will be entitled to vote on all matters of administration. A majority vote is required to adopt any motion introduced at any Board meeting; therefore at least three (3) votes are required to carry any motion. If only three (3) Board members are present for a vote, the vote must be unanimous.
8.Each officer’s term will consist of one (1) year running from Feb 1 to Jan 31.

1.The Board member filling the non-elected position will manage the election (hereinafter called "The Election Manager").
2.The membership will be notified of the date of upcoming elections and the deadline for candidacy via Club newsletter.
3.No later than January 1 of each year, members interested in running for a Board position should notify the Election Manager.
4.New officers will be selected by a majority vote of those members in attendance at the January meeting. If requested by a majority of members in attendance, voting will be by secret ballot.
5.In the case of a tie vote, the outgoing President will break the tie.
6.When an election is deemed necessary during the term year, the officer's term shall be the remainder of the term year.

3.Duties of Officers

1.The President shall preside over all meetings of the Board.
2.The President shall be the designated contact for PHIP.
3.The President shall be the liason with any other organizations with which the Club wishes to communicate.

1.The Vice-President shall assist the President in administrating the business of the organization and any other duties as designated by the President.

1.The Secretary shall keep minutes of all the Board meetings and furnish copies of the minutes to all Board members and others members as deemed necessary.
2.The Secretary shall be responsible for tracking which PHNM members participate in community service projects and reporting this information to PHIP as required.
3.The Secretary shall keep track of the Club point system established to determine eligibility of members for the privilege of purchasing concert tickets, should they be available to the PHNM.
4.Upon leaving office, the Secretary shall pass on all materials, books, notes and records, for the present and prior years, in good condition, to the succeeding Secretary.

1.The Treasurer shall assume the responsibility for the financial matters of the group.
2.The Treasurer shall attend Board meetings and have the books of the organization ready for examination by any member of the Board, upon request.
3.The Treasurer shall prepare financial reports for the Board quarterly and on request.
4.The Treasurer shall prepare financial reports for the membership to be included in the club newsletter.
5.Upon leaving office, the Treasurer shall pass on, for the present and prior years, all funds, records and books in good order to the succeeding

5.Non-elected Board Member
1.The non-elected Board Member shall manage the election.

1.If any member of the Board cannot fulfill their term of office, the officer shall be replaced by the Board at the earliest convenience of the Board. The vacancy may be filled by majority vote of the Board until such time that an election by the membership can be arranged.
2.The membership shall be notified of a vacancy and impending election via the club newsletter or special mailing.

5.Replacement of Members of the Board:
1.In the event that an elected officer fails to meet the membership requirements at any time during his term, he will receive written notice from the Board and a 30-day grace period will be offered to correct the disqualifying event. At the end of the grace period, the elected officer who has failed to meet the membership requirements will forfeit their position on the Board.
2.Recalls of any member of the Board can be made by any Club member upon presentation of a petition that describes the reason for recall. The petition must be signed by at least 25% of the membership in good standing at the date on which the petition is presented to the President or the remaining Board members.
3.Elections to replace the outgoing officer will be held as outlined in Article IV Section 2.
4.The President shall inform the membership in writing via the newsletter of the results of the special election no later than 30 days following the certification of the election.

1.Business Meetings
1.Business is discussed and voted on at the Board meetings. However, the Board may seek input from the membership at any social function, general mailings, or via the phone committee.
2.Board meetings are open to all members of PHNM, but only Board members have voting privileges. All Club members are encouraged to attend business meetings.

2.Proxy; any member of the Board who cannot attend a scheduled Board meeting may provide a written proxy for another Club member to vote on their behalf.

1.In order to be reimbursed for expenses incurred on behalf of the PHNM, a member must submit a written request with sufficient documentation (receipts and an explanation) to the Treasurer.
2.Any expenses in excess of $50.00 need prior approval from two members of the Board.
3.The President and Treasurer are the authorized signatories of the Club’s bank account.
4.The fiscal year for the PHNM shall begin on January 1 and end on December 31.


1.Club tickets are for use by club members only. All household memberships are entitled to only two (2) tickets per paid membership. Any tickets requested by Club members, but not used, will be returned to the Club for other members’ use.
2.To be considered for tickets, a member must have paid their dues and participated in at least one community service event in the last year.
3.In the future, it may be necessary to implement a "point system" to ensure a fair and equitable distribution of any concert tickets. Points will be awarded for participation in various activities of the PHNM as determined by the Board. When tickets become available, members who have accumulated the greatest amount of points during the course of the previous year will be eligible to purchase tickets at face value.
4.The Board may determine to add a charge of not more than $10.00 to the face value of the tickets in order to accumulate funds for a local charity. Any member who does not wish to participate in this fund raising effort must notify the President of their opinion and the additional charge will be dropped.
5.The Secretary of PHNM will be responsible to keep track of all points accumulated by the membership.
6.Members living over 50 miles from the Albuquerque may request approval by the Board for participation in community service in their own locale. The organized event’s sponsors must verify this participation with a letter of participation. The Secretary must receive this information within one month of the event.

1.The PHNM Membership Directory is for the exclusive used of PHNM members. It is not to be utilized for any purpose not directly associated with PHNM, or is it to be released to other parties without the approval of the Board.
2.Because it is imperative that the Parrot Heads of New Mexico maintain a positive public image, and for the protection and security of the general membership, the use of illegal drugs and/or the consumption of alcohol by minors at any Club event will not be condoned by the Club. The following actions(s) will be taken:
1.1st occurrence – verbal warning
2.2nd occurrence – suspension for 3 months and loss of eligibility for tickets
3.3rd occurrence – revocation of membership
3.The sales and distribution of any items using copyrighted text of the Buffett organizations is not allowed. The membership of any PHNM member involved in such activities shall be revoked after a verbal warning is first given.
4.All charitable/environmental organizations requesting assistance from the PHNM will be reviewed on an annual basis to determine the amount of time and funds to be allotted to said charities. A planning meeting of all interested PHNM members will be held in April to determine the following year’s activities.
5.The Board of Directors shall appoint any committees as they deem necessary.
6.The club newsletter advertising rates shall be set by the Editor with the approval of the Board.

1.The Board of Directors shall have the power and authority to adopt and amend the by-laws.
2.Notification to the membership of any amendments to the by-laws will be made through the next issue of the club newsletter or special mailing.
3.These By-laws will go into effect March 1st 2009 and will remain in effect until further revisions proposed.

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